Unit 203 Work in a Business Enviroment

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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203- Work in a business environment.
What is meant by diversity and why it should be valued?
The word diverse means “varied and different” so ‘diversity’ is about more than Equality. It is about valuing variety and individual differences and creating a culture, Environment and practices which respect and value differences for the benefit of society, organisations and individuals. Diversity can be differences in race, heritage, customs, belief systems, physical appearance, mental capabilities, etc. Diversity should be respected and valued because nobody is completely the same as anyone else, If we were all the same nothing good would come out of it, everyone would think the same, have the same values and ideas. Our differences/diversities can lead to growth as a society or it can lead to violence and hatred. We need diversity because it brings different views and opinions to the table, it helps shape many things like government, and cultural aspects including food, clothing and techniques to build and create things. The equality act 2010 replaces the previous anti-discrimination laws with a single act. It simplifies the law, removing inconsistencies and making it easier to understand and comply with. It also strengthens the law in important ways to help tackle discrimination and inequality. It came into force on 1st October 2010. People who access goods, facilities and service are protected discrimination on the basis of a ‘protected characteristics’.

Describe How to treat people in a way that’s sensitive to their needs! To show that you respect to people you should be considerate to the feelings, circumstances, and feelings of colleagues and members of society, this should be regardless of race, religion, background, circumstances, status or appearance. Treat every person the way that you would want them to treat you. Observe each individual that you encounter, and analyse what needs they may have and then try to meet those needs. Ask them if they are...
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