Unit 203

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1.1 (1.4) Describe how you establish respectful, professional relationships with children/ young people you work with. Be sure to state the ages of the C/YP. Give an example of ‘rapport building’ with an individual or small group.

I work alongside key stage 1 children aged between 5 and 6 years old. I establish a respectful, professional relationship with children by communicating clearly and using the child’s name (finding out/learning them if not known). I adapt my behaviour appropriately when communicating with children and use my body language and actions to help me. I always get down to the child’s level when speaking, so that they do not feel intimidated. I never shout. I make myself approachable by smiling and being friendly, also I have found that firm ground rules and mutual respect from the start has helped. I discuss what I expect from them and visa versa so the children (have a sense) know I’m listening to them. I always listen to the children and if its inappropriate timing I make time to listen and talk things through at break time/lunchtime. When children become quiet and out of character I make conversation by asking questions like: ‘how are you?’, ‘What’s the matter?’

1.3 Describe how to deal with disagreements between children/ young people.

I would deal with disagreements between children by:
* Going back to the beginning
* Listening to both sides of the argument from each child * Establish if either was in the wrong
* Decide if apologies are required
(Apologise are always required if a child has been upset even if by accident.) * Refer to class teacher/ Head if necessary.
* Insure the appropriate adult is informed of incident and outcome

2.1 Describe how you establish respectful, professional, relationships with adults you work with, giving specific examples of how you have interacted with them.

I establish a respectful, professional relationship with adults I work with by supporting my colleagues, by helping them as much as I can – doing what I am asked. I listen to everything that I am told as these things can be very important to class activities; also it enables me to develop professionally. By being respectful and ensuring good, polite manners even when I might not necessarily agree my professional relationships are able to develop. I maintain confidentiality by offering practical and emotional support when needed, keeping things to myself and not repeating them. I also try to communicate to the best of my ability by passing on messages straight away and dealing with issues promptly.

2.2 As you are a constant role model to the children, complete the following statement. It is important that I........

It is important that I am happy, friendly and approachable whilst using the correct communication/ language skills (where appropriate) at all times as well as being trustworthy and enthusiastic in what ever I do. It is extremely important to be reliable, punctual and to maintain a good professional relationship with my colleagues.

3.1 (1.2) It is important to interact with children in a way that is appropriate to their age or stage of development. How can we do this?

Key Stage 1
Children need to be reminded to listen to each other and to concentrate on what is going on at the time and to take turns when speaking, by putting their hands up and not shouting out. They need to be asked to repeat instructions back, so that we can check that they understand what has been said. Children at this age are unable to concentrate for long activities and will get tired easily. When speaking/communicating with children we should get down to their level, as it can be intimidating if we tower above them. Changing children’s routines and excitement may be difficult to manage too.

Key Stage 2
Some children still need to be reminded to wait for their turn when speaking and engaging in activities but may be able to communicate more clearly and...
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