Unit 202

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Unit 202

1.1 – Explain The Purpose And Benefits Of Continuously Improving Performance At Work. The purpose of continuously improving your performance at work is so that the business can see that you are a hard worker, and that you are trying to improve and develop your personal skills. The benefits of doing this is that the business will be impressed with you progression and they will be more likely to want to keep you on in the end.

1.2 – Explain The Purpose And Benefits Of Encouraging And Accepting Feedback From Others. The purpose of encouraging and accepting feedback is that you have got to take it in a positive way. The reason to take any feedback given in a positive way is so that you can improve yourself. The only reason that they are going to give negative feedback is so that you can better yourself and you don’t make the same mistake again. A bit of criticism in any work that is done is better than having none as you know where you have gone wrong and when the task is done again you can make sure you do it a different way and don’t make the same mistake.

1.3 – Explain How Learning And Development Can Improve Your Own Work, Benefit Organisation And Identify Career Options. The way that learning and development can help improve your own work is because you can learn new skills and new ways to complete a task in order to improve your work and your personal skills. The way that it can benefit the organisation is because by you learning new skills and developing your skills you can put them in to the work you done at the business. Also it will benefit them because then they will feel that they will be able to leave you alone to complete a task by yourself instead of having to check it after you have done it. Also by you working in the business and learning and developing skills and how work is done in the business will allow you think about if you want to stay in that industry or if you dislike it then know that it is not for you and you have got to...
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