Unit 201 Manage Own Performance in a Business Environment

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  • Published : February 25, 2013
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Unit 201 - Manage own performance in a business environment.Celia Baker 07/11/12Outcome 1: Understand how to plan and be accountable to others.1.1 There are a number of guidelines and procedures in place to enable me to do my job not only to the best of my ability but in a professional manner. In administration, there are procedures that need to be followed relating to various aspects of the job including correct procedures to, answer the telephone, confirming tickets, dealing with outgoing mail, rooms as well as other procedures. All of the administrators procedures are kept in a file at the office area where any member of admin staff can revise them as and when necessary. In my work place, these general procedures cover a wide range of skills used within any administration such as how to deal with a telephone call and how to used the office printer. They are available on the system for any staff member to review.1.2 As a employee I am accountable to my employer. They have a right to see that my work is up to standard. Having a plan allows for my manager to see a quick overview of my daily tasks and allows them to check that I understand what needs to be done through out the day. It also helps to agree timescales and goals, and helps with performance managing.Planning skills allows me to be efficient and to successfull in my job.I have to be able to set and achieve targets and help others to do the same.1.3 The purpose for agreeing realistic targets for work is to keep everyone on task and focused, there is no point setting a target that is impossible to complete in the time scale given. Things will always get rushed and missed if the target is unrealistic. Work will not be done to the highest standard. However you should always push yourself at work. There should be a balance between the time it takes, how much work you have to do and making sure your work is to the highest standard. This way, everyone can contribute effectively and reach targets efficiently...
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