Unit 2 Week 2 Cipd Notes

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Meeting user needs “Schneider”
Main components – Service level agreement, Stakeholder, Service quality, Service needs. Top down “Culture” unconditional positive regard, good service climate – training.

What do management do to achieve this – reward, incentives Managing customper expectations – exceeding customers expectations Timeliness, consistent levels of support.
Rewards / pros / cons – debate.
Schneider – management should focus on service quality “top down”. Focus on service quality – served well on by those they depend Customer / HR, Staff Survey.
Level of grievances against HR employees
Exit Surveys
Something used in marketing – “Mystery Shopper”
Recruitment practice, quality of recruits, effectiveness of advertising HR Related customer service provision, how you see, style it, “Branding” HR Effectiveness measure
HR “Training Needs Analysis”

Employee, potentital recruit, even “interview”
Mystery Shopping “Stranger used “objective”
Indefensible – discrimination
OH Referrals.
Customer Care Concept – all functions / staff have responsibility Internal / external contacts (maintenance staff little contact).

How your judged by your internal customers
Appendice for assignment. - mindgenius
Internal toys r us “example”
IT Software / internet / rewards / incentives

Service level agreement – internal agreement, who provides i.e. job description etc. see slides “recruitment scenario” Managers expectations, runs smoothly, line of responsibility, who does what.

Main points of service level agreement.
Priorities, responsibilities, guarantees, level of service defined. Availability, performance, operation. “expected and minimum”, performance measurement, termination of agreement.

HR to provide Payroll – New employee Info, termination, sick , pregnant, career breaks, retirement, pensions, overtime Effective service practitioner – Overtime.

Support, Advise,...
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