Unit 2 Task Two Recruitment

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Unit 2 – Task 1 P1: Describing the Recruitment Documentation Job Advert:Here is a job advert for a coffee shop. This is advertising for the role of an advisor within the company.This is an overview of the job, containing a brief summary of all aspects of the job. It may not contain information about pay, there may be an option to enquire for more information. This advert contains location of the job, and a run through of duties.This is useful in attracting applicant; this advert has been made to look appealing, organised and well layout. It is simple to understand, and also sets the tone of the business. (colours suggest its upmarket, not a children’s restaurant).Adverts are important for coffee shops in order to find the people for the job. If they did not advertise, they would not employees.|

Job Description:|

Person Specification:(Insert screen shot) What it isWhat information it containsWhy it is usefulWhy the coffee company would use this |

Application Form:(Insert screen shot) What it isWhat information it containsWhy it is usefulWhy the coffee company would use this |

Unit 2 P2: Getting a Job with a high street coffee company: Key Employability skills

Explain the key qualifications that a barista at a coffee company will need. What key skills and experience may they need? Why do they need these qualifications? What jobs may they have had previously? How may this experience help them? |

What knowledge of products or services do they need? Products available for purchaseAdvertising and promotion (give examples) |

Why would previous experience in the industry help you? What tasks would you be better at? What might experience help you be able to achieve? |

What personal and team targets would a barista have, and why is it important they meet them? Potential targets include * Excellent reviews * Never late * Good customer service feedback * No complaints * Repeat bookings. |

What professional standards...
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