Unit 2 - Managing Resources & Operations Db

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Unit 2 DB
March 27, 2012
The scenario for this assignment is that a new high-tech manufacturing firm is considering moving it’s business internationally but before they do there are some things that have to be considered. What resource and operational factors should be considered in this decision?

There are several things to consider, the biggest perhaps are whether the raw materials are available and are they the right price. Also, what are the overhead costs such as renting a facility in which to opperate as well as the price of labor, utilities and equipment rental. In addition taxes and tarrifs should be paid close attention as well as followed closely. Lastly, because this is a high tech firm who most likey creates advanced products the workforce would need to be well educated and trained to do the job properly. How might the organization’s identity influence its structure?

First of all, what is organizational identity? Well, according to Heizer (2012) it is determined by how consumers percieve what the company does and why they do it. Organizational identity often begins with the company’s mission statement which is a summary of the goals that are most important to the company and is generally comprised of three parts which are design, communication and behavior. With that said, the way in which it affects the structure of the company is by the effectivness of a unique logo, how the company advertisess and how they handle tuff situations such as new laws/regulations and whether or not they practice corporate responsibility. All of these things are very important to consumers because it is important that they can feel that they can trust the company or they may not patronize it. Explain the legal factors that must be considered when a company decides to locate its operations in a foreign country.

When expanding in the global market there are many legal factors that can complicate the expansion. Perhaps the biggest factor is that each...
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