Unit 2 Ctlls

Topics: Learning, Education, Educational psychology Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: February 22, 2012
Helen Black
CTLLS Unit 2 Level 4 Theory Assignment

Having carried out research on the following points, I would like to present a rationale of my findings; * Negotiating with learners
* Inclusive learning
* Integrating functional skills
* Communication

I started my research on ‘Negotiating with learners’ and have discovered some useful tools to assist in my own negotiating. Having started with the internet I looked at various sites detailing the reasoning and methods of negotiating with learners in respect of initial assessments and agreeing goals and actions. During my research I found a site detailing how negotiating with learners has changed over time in regards to higher education. This can, however, be considered for other areas of education. The website (www.heacademy.ac.uk) looks at a publication by Mac McCarthy for ‘Higher Education for Capability’. (Originally from Laycock et al 1992) Within in this it is considered how learning contracts are used. McCarthy considers the factors affecting negotiating with learners and believes the ability to negotiate is affected by: * the established view of education within organisation

* the established view of how the organisation operates
* personal factors which influence the extent to which the teacher feels comfortable negotiating with learners * the demands of the course which defines the limits of what can be negotiated and to what extent. I consider these to be valid and interesting points but wanted to discover more methods of negotiation, I therefore looked towards the Learning Skills Council for further information regarding the starting point of initial assessment. Wanting to gather more information on methods and reasoning for initial assessment I discovered a useful publication from them (Initial assessment, Learning Skills council, see attached research evidence). They state that a good initial assessment must be done early on and that a range of methods should be...
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