Unit 2, Criteria 1.4,2.3

Topics: Rainbow Fish, Water, Rainbow Pages: 4 (987 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Criteria 1.4 and 2.1

The factors that I’ve taken into account when completing this weeks planning are:

1. Children’s next steps from previous week
2. Time available – (We are only currently open Tuesday – Thursday 9am till 12pm) 3. Check balance of child-initiated and adult-led opportunities/activities 4. Activities that will interest the children (age appropriate) 5. Resources available

6. That planning is flexible and can be easily modified to the needs of the individual child.

During last weeks activity the children enjoyed water play and asked lots of questions about things that live in the sea. We close for the summer holidays next week and lots of the children have been telling us about where they are going on there holidays, so combined with the book “The Rainbow Fish” it provided an ideal opportunity to explore this area.


I wanted to ensure that the children in the setting with additional needs could sit and enjoy the story of the rainbow fish with the other children. Some children cannot sit for long so by introducing toy fish, different textures and colours to look at and feel enabled us to keep attention for a longer period of time. I read the story and did some role-play with the help of the children and some soft toy fishes and the collage display. A few children held plastic fish, shells or stroked the fabric. I wanted to see if some of the children could retell the story or tell me about any key events – were they sad when no-one would play with the little fish?, How does the fish feel? We discussed what fish ate? What sharks ate? How big they are? Where we find them? The questions were endless. The children stayed around the book area pretending to swim, putting the chiffon material over there heads and pretending that they were under water. Some made their fish swim in the collage like a pond, talking about the shark coming to eat...
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