Unit 2 Cold War

Topics: Cold War, World War II, Soviet Union Pages: 2 (624 words) Published: February 26, 2013
SS310-18: Exploring the 1960s: An Interdisciplinary Approach Prof: Karney Platt Rose
Unit 2 project

1.Using quotes from your interviews, describe how each of your three respondents understand the Cold War. 2.Explain to what extent their definition/understanding of the Cold War differs from the definition above (see the bold typeface in the Overview section above). 3.If your respondents’ understanding of the Cold War is different from the way the Cold War is defined in this course, explain why that might be the case. (Also, if their definition of the Cold War is very similar, explain this as well!)

I interviewed my aunt Julia, my step mom, and my husband. The way they have described their understanding of the cold war is Iron Curtain. US and USSR conflict. Here are some things they said about the Iron curtain. After World War 2 the Soviet Union created the Iron curtain. The time collapse of the Iron curtain was symbolized in 1989 by the opening of the Berlin wall on November 9th. In the presses of the Cold War the general policy of the west toward the communist states was to contain them with the hope of internal division, failure or evolution just may end their threat. The Soviet Union challenged the west by instituting a blockade of the western sectors of the Berlin; little did they know the United States could airlift supplies into the city until the blockade was withdrawn in 1948. All three of the people that I interview said the same thing about who was involved in the cold war it was the U.S. and the USSR. My husband also added that the USSR was in a conflict with the west for more than 40 years. That conflict was never open to warfare (hot war). This is because the existence of the nuclear weapons made the war mad. This is why the conflict stayed a cold war. My step mom added the only thing that held the allies together was the extreme need to destroy Hitler’s Nazis. In 1945 Hitler was defeated and the cold...
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