Unit 2 Cache Level 3

Topics: Developmental psychology, Observation, Childhood Pages: 8 (2615 words) Published: May 22, 2012
E1: Describe the development of children in a selected age range and in TWO (2) areas of development/E2:Describe the development of children in a selected age range, different from E1 and in TWO (2) areas of development.

I am going to describe the development of children aged birth to three years and three to seven years and also describe two areas of development which are: physical development and social development for the selected age range.

Children from birth to three months start to develop motor skills from head moves down through arms and the trunk and then the legs and then the feet. A baby turns its head side to side when laying on the back or belly and brings both hands together at chest or mouth at one month of age. At the age of 3months the child starts to lift the head and chest up. According to E Y F S “ a child from birth to 11 month’s physical development is very rapid and they increase the control of their muscles” (the early years foundation stage card may2008, 21.12.11) At the age of 12 to 24 months children starts walking unsupported across the room without stopping or by changing direction between 13 and 15 months. Around 18 months children start to kick and throw balls around and start climbing stairs with the support of an adult, running and propelling scoot toys. These join the toddler’s set of mobility and play skills. Between the age of 2 and 3 years the balance improves and the toddler walks with a smoother pattern. During this stage he or she learns to stand briefly on one foot, walks backwards and walks on tiptoe. At the age of four children should be able to feed themselves with little spillage, try to write their name, unbutton some button and also build seven to nine block tower. At the age of five he or she should be able to stand on one foot and they should be able to draw a person with the body. At the age of six children learn to skip with ropes and they also know right to left.

Language development.

Children from birth to 3months start to develop their language skills by making pleasure sounds (cooing) and also increases and decreases sucking behavior in response to sound. They seem to recognize their adult’s voice and when playing with you, notice toys that make sound and they also pay attention to music. Children aged 7 to 12 month enjoy games and peek-a-boo, listens when spoken to and they also begin to respond to request such as ‘come here’. Children at this age also cry differently for different needs. Children age 4 to 6 months develop their language skills by making gurgling sounds when left or ‘do u want more’ and they also imitate different speech and sounds. At 12 to 15 month children start to understand simple direction especially with vocal or physical cues and they also use one or more words with meaning. At the age of 15 to 18 months children develop their language skills by saying more words each month; vocabulary of 5-20 word and they are also able to follow simple commands without cues e.g. get your bear. Children aged 18 to 21 month develop their language skills by following simple commands and understands simple questions such as ‘roll the ball and where your shoes’ is. They also listen to simple stories, songs and rhymes. They also point at pictures in book when named. At the age of four children can use correct grammar most of the time and they can count up to 20. At the age of five children talk about the past, present and future with the good sense of time. At the age of six they can pronounce the sound of his/her own language and they can talk fluently with confidence.

Even though there are stages of child’s development but we should never forget that every child is different and they develop at different stage

E3: Explain TWO (2) theoretical perspectives relevant to the areas of development.

I have included in the booklet in the appendix pg 1 ……. based on theoretical perspective....
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