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  • Published : September 27, 2012
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Describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 4 years. The expected stage of development of children aged 4 years is that it’s a more settled year for the children. They will develop more confidence and begin to socialize and make friends with other children. Their language and social skills would have fully developed. Showing the stage of social development is when they are sharing, taking turns, showing concern for another child or one of their friends they’ve made. Children emotionally still need reassurance from their parents or carers, but they will play more independent for longer. Children will still show their emotions throughout this age group and have quarrels and temper tantrums. At this age the children enjoy helping adults with things and enjoys a range of different activities and getting messy and creative.

Describe the expected stage of social development of children aged 5 years. The expected stage of development of children aged 5 years is that the children in this age range are more confident and become even more independent, for example, they might play with children without help from adults. Intellectually understand the rules and sticks to them but there will be times that the children will push the rules to see what will happen, even though they understand the difference between right and wrong. Understanding the rules and playing games with rules. Emotionally communicating and showing feelings and wishes. Physically self-helping skills like, being able to dress themselves, tidying up the toys when their finished with, using their manners without being reminded...Etc. Copying behaviour from other children is a big influence because the children might result in to hurting other children around them emotionally, socially and physically. For example, if a child was to copy another child and they were calling someone names, the child that is getting bullied will become up set. When children copy, they think its right.

Describe one suitable method of observing and recording the social development of a child aged 5. A suitable method for observing and recording a 5 year olds social development would be narrative. This would be a suitable method because; you can get more of a detailed observation. the reason why you would get more detail is because you would watch the child and write notes then type up the observation up after and if you don’t take part then you will have less to write and you can catch more of the child’s movement without missing any.

Preparing for this method of observation isn’t difficult either, you will need a pen, paper, clip board and a computer to type the observation up on after.

Explain one advantage and one disadvantage of the chosen method. One advantage of using the narrative method for observations would be that you can observe more than one child at a time, which then you can see the different social skills within the children you’ve observed and if any of them might need that extra support to help their social skills. However a disadvantage of using narrative is that if you do observe more than one child at a time then you may miss the important things from the other children.

Explain how observations can be used to support the development of children. Observations can be used to identify the individual needs of each child in the setting, so that the practitioners can give them the right support they need to help them to develop. For example: most children have trouble doing buttons or can’t do them, so the practitioners can give them more activities to help them learn to do buttons. The role play area is a good place in a setting to help them learn to do the buttons because if they have toy babies then the babies clothes can have buttons on which children can practice with.

After you’ve done an observation, sharing the information with the other practitioners is important so that if any of the...
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