Unit 2 C1 Childcare and Education Level 3

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  • Published : June 8, 2012
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There are many issues which are essential to confidentiality and objective observations. Its important that you keep the observation accurate which means that it needs to be true and not made up, according to Beith and Tassoni "Keeping records and carrying out observations on children allow early years practitioners to pass accurate information on to parents. It means that parents can be kept informed of a child's progress which shows them that their child is being seen as an individual and that the staff really know and understand their child" (Beith and Tassoni (2002, page 16+17) this is important as the observation shows the child's development stage, each observation shows how much the child has improved so it is important that you record every exactly as this would affect the stage the child is actually at. It's also important that you remember the rights of the children and primary carers while doing any observation, according to Beith and Tassoni "It is important for anyone carrying out observations to remember that observations should be carried out only in the child's best interest. This means that it is unethical to set up situations that might cause the child or his/her parents distress and that all information gained during the observation and subsequent evaluation should be treated in confidence" (Beith and Tassoni(2002, page 22) It's also important that you don't make assumption and to observe and record everything correctly and make sure that all you write about is what you have seen the child do and not any personal information that isn't needed. According to Beith and Tassoni "To make an observation or assessment as accurate as possible, we must be careful that any prejudices and stereotyped ideas we have about the child are stripped away" (Beith and Tassoni(2002, page 23) While doing any observations it's important that you don't make any judgment about the child, you must know what the purpose of the observation is. It's also important that you...
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