Unit 2 Assignment

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  • Published : April 1, 2013
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In the video presentation on the Evolution of Management there are four theories or approaches of management discussion which are the classical approach, the behavioral approach, the systems approach and the contingency approach. These theories came about to help improve productivity problems and to improve management. When looking at these theories one can see that there are differences. The classical approach began in the 1890’s and is best remembered for the contributions from Frederick Taylor at the beginning to the twentieth century. The classical approach focuses on the role of management. In order to overcome some of the productivity problems management has to select and train workers how to do the work efficiently as well as give incentives to the workers for doing a job well done. Management had to find a way to work with the day to day aspects of the worker and the company. The classical approach was thought to be rational meaning that when work is done is should be compensated. Unlike the classical approach of finding a common ground, the behavioral approach focused of the relationship between the workers. The behavior approach began in 1924 by researchers lead by Elton Mayo. The thinking behind this theory was that having good social relationship among employees it would boost productivity. A happy worker will produce a good product. Then the systems approach came a short time later in 1930’s and 1940. W. Edwards Deming, the mind behind this approach, thought classical approach and behavioral approach should be combined. He thought that in order to make business better the organization had to think about the big picture. He says that every part of the business, from the supplier to the workers, to the management was equal and each important and would in turn increase productivity. Finally, the contingency approach was born in the 1960’s. This approach is best “it depends” approach. Each situation is looked at separately....
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