Unit 2

Topics: Sales, Marketing, Consultative selling Pages: 1 (312 words) Published: April 30, 2013
Unit 2 Assignment
MT453 professional selling

1. What should she do about the Farley situation? Should she try to find out if ,Canuck plans to bid on the Farley contract and, if so, what its strategy is? This is something that she should stay away from, if they would have a falling out, then he would say she has been giving out his information and this is also confidential information By disclosing confidential information, a salesperson will get a reputation for being untrustworthy. Even the customer who solicited the confidential information will not trust the salesperson, who will then be denied access to information needed to make an effective sales presentation.(Knowledge and skill requirements) 2. What should she do about the Hudson account? This could be a problem; Court decisions related to the Robinson-Patman Act define price discrimination as a seller giving unjustified special prices, discounts, or services to some customers and not to others. But it can be justified if some rules are followed but in this case she is the supplier and no competition was listed. So I would say that she can make a special price request if it would win her the contract with her distributor, but if his competition ask, then she should provide the same price. (Knowledge and Skill Requirements) 3. Describe her relationship with Mitch. Where should she go with this account in the future? This could be considered special treatment to Mitch and not to others due to the fact that he is her biggest customer. I think he is trying to leverage that fact and bring the cost down. Which is fine for him to try but not really ethical on his part, she should shut him down on this and not let it get started, because if she does it once, then it will be hard to stop.
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