Unit 1b Assignment-It388

Topics: Computer network, Network switch, Cisco Systems Pages: 2 (526 words) Published: March 12, 2013
The function of a router is to perform packet switching, logical address filtering, and path selection (Lammle, 2011). Routers are used to connect multiple networks together, such as a home network to the internet. Routers are used in networks not only to connect multiple networks, but also to reduce the amount of broadcast traffic between those networks. These devices are also used to break up both broadcast and collision domains within a network (Lammle, 2011). Routers utilize routing tables to find specific networks when forwarding data (Lammle, 2011). Switches

Switches are used to connect computers, servers, printers, and other devices together to create a network (What is a Network Switch vs. a Router?, 2011). Switches are used to break up collision domains on a network, with each port on the switch representing its own collision domain (Lammle, 2011). This allows all users connected to a network switch to transmit simultaneously. Another function of a switch within a network is to ensure that the data is delivered to a specific device; this is accomplished by the use of filter tables (Lammle, 2011). How Routers and Switches Change the Design of a Network

Routers and switches can change a network in several different ways. You can segment a large network with the use of switches and routers, as well as break up collision and broadcast domains. Switches are used to connect computers and other devices to the network while providing each with their own collision domain. Routers serve to break up broadcast domains within the network. Routers also connect the network segments created by the switches together, while providing a connection to the internet or other WAN (Wide Area Network). So essentially routers and switches change a network by breaking up the broadcast and collision domains within a network, and allow for network segmentation while maintaining internetworking. Cisco Certifications Involving use of Routers and Switches

The Cisco...
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