Unit 18 P1

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Role of the event organiser
The role of event organiser is different depending on the organisation and the kind of event involved. Activities normally include: Investigating into markets to identify opportunities for events; speaking with clients to understand their precise event requirements; producing detailed ideas for events (e.g. venues, suppliers, legal obligations, timelines, staffing and budgets) Organising a budget with the client

Booking the location for the event
Making sure insurance, legal, health and safety obligations are seen to. Getting in contact with venue management, cooking, designers, contractors and equipment that needs hiring. Organising facilities for car parking, traffic control, security, first aid, hospitality and the media; Inviting speakers or special guests to the event

Planning the layout of the room and entertainment for the event. Talking to staff and making sure that they are all on the same wave length about the event. Trying to find sponsorship for the event to receive funding. Finding promotional material to get more people to attend the event. coordinating suppliers, handling client queries and troubleshooting on the day of the event to ensure that all runs smoothly; looking at the dismantling and removal of the event and clearing the venue efficiently looking at the event afterwards and evaluating how it went.

The following headings are also roles of an event organiser: Organise

The event organiser must book the venue and ensure that all the facilities are available including toilets and seating or anything else specific to the event like an overhead projector for example. The catering must be done and have food and drink available throughout the day.


All dates must be agreed upon and the times must be in place for the day. All suppliers must know where and when to drop off the products or food in order for all the staff members know where to pick them up from. This will ensure the day will go smoothly.

Setting up a programme

The event organiser must think about all the activities throughout the day and how one will flow to the other, this includes moving equipment and how long you intend to keep your audience waiting for the next activity – maybe a refreshments break in a separate room would be appropriate. If there are any guest speakers then they need to be booked successfully and be punctual. They also need to be filled in on the activities throughout the day in order for them to know when they are needed and what else is happening.

Preparing and distributing supporting documents

All paperwork must be prepared and sent out to the appropriate personnel, agendas must be put in place and documents describing the past or historic events of the location must be produced. The guest list is probably the most important piece of documentation and should be made before the event; the times will vary on how early the guest list has to be made on the type of event that is being held.

Organisational procedures

All of the organisational procedures that the event organiser works for must be taken into consideration and all of their policies would have to be thought about as well. If they do things in a certain way in the organisation then it will have to be reflected in the event. An example is a disruptive member of the event, the procedure from the organisation will be put into place to remove the member from the venue and depending the organisation further prosecution will be taken such as a ban from future events.


Liaising with suppliers such as the catering companies is a very important role for the event manager. They need to be precise with the timing of the catering and the catering must make sure that they produce the food on time and, if the food is supposed to be served hot, that it is hot. Cold food is not so much of a problem as it can be prepared before the event but the catering company will need...
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