Unit 15 Career Development P4

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Unit 15 Career Development P4

Here are many different methods for continuing professional development; here are a select few below.

Case Study Method
This gives a learner a case where they have to become the role of a certain person and make decisions themselves. This good as it gets the person to think about new situations they wouldn’t normally come across. This is similar to when I was working as a sales assistant in Sainsbury’s for my work experience with school, it helped me realise new challenges in the work place.

This will help me in my graphic design career because I can put myself in the position of a graphic designer working for an agency. I will be forced to think on my feet and come up with decisions about what to do as a graphic designer, so for example if a client is asking for a third round of revisions and your policy states that you only do two rounds of revision and you charge extra rates for a third round of revisions. This would need to be communicated clearly in the contract and the case study method of training will help me understand this and make the contract clear in future cases.

A consultation is frequent discussions on progress of yourself and work manager or team leader. Having short but often discussions helps employees know what they need to do and what they are aiming for, for themselves. This is like me and my tutor back in secondary school where we had frequent discussions in form time about how I am doing, what my targets are for the term etc.

This would help me in my career as a graphic designer because frequent conversations with my team leader will provide me with guidance and tips. These tips will help me expand my knowledge base of graphic design and can provide me with valuable processes that will make me more efficient in my job and everyday tasks.

A coach is someone that takes a trainee through a process of learning and develops their skills to achieve targets in the future. A...
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