Unit 12 P4

Topics: Hotel, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (572 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Opportunity to pool customer experiences
This is where customers are able to write about their experience that they have recently had. This is usually either when they have stayed at a hotel or visited an attraction, or a restaurant. Customers are able to rate their experience and leave information on what they enjoyed and what they didn’t enjoy online. An example of this is Trip Advisor where customers can rate their experiences about different hotels all across the world. This benefits potential customers because it allows customers to read the reviews that other people have left online. For example, if someone is looking to book a hotel in Paris and they are unable to decide they can read what other people have said about hotels they are considering online and make a more informed decision. These potential customers can read unbiased reviews that have been written by real people who have already stayed at the hotel. They can then use this information to decide which hotel is more suitable for them based on what other people have written. They can also obtain more information about the hotel, the area and the facilities available at the hotel and decide if their needs and expectations will be met. It will also allow these potential customers to prepare for any downsides to the hotel for example if there is a poor level of customer service at the hotel they have booked. It is important that customers realise that not all of the reviews may be accurate online and there is no method of preventing people of writing fake reviews – for example the hotel manager, their friends and family may be asked to write positive reviews. This may affect the overall rating of the hotel, which can be misconstrued as having negative reviews. Also, customers have to remember that all reviews are only people’s opinions and that there may be instances where complaints have been made in some situations that others find not to be a problem. This is something that could affect the...
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