Unit 11: Safeguarding Children. Possible Indicators of Child Abuse.

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Level 3 Diploma in Support Teaching and Learning in Schools.

Unit 11 - Safeguard the well-being of children and young people.

Recognise indicators of possible child abuse (4.1)

Give examples to complete the following chart:-

| Type of abuse | Physical signs | Emotional/behavioural signs | |Physical abuse |Physical signs can include burn marks, cuts, and |Signs can include being uncomfortable with physical | | |bruises, grasp marks, cigarette burns or other |contact, pupil coming in early to school and staying on | | |injuries. However these marks could be signs of |late after school is over as if afraid to be at home, | | |abuse or could have been caused by a genuine |wearing inappropriate clothes for the weather or to hide | | |accident. |bruises/marks and making up stories about how injuries | | | |were obtained. Other signs include being aggressive | | | |towards other children and seeming to be frightened near | | | |adults. | |Neglect |Looks very thin, seems constantly tired and |Displays low self-esteem, may become withdrawn and have an| | |hungry. Untreated medical problems, poor hygiene,|inability to form social relationships. Compulsive | | |may smell in school, appear dirty and uncared |stealing - especially of food; begging from classmates and| | |for. Prone...
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