Unit 11 P1 and P2

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Firstly when being sales staff there is a lot of responsibility that you have to take in account. For example sales staff should have some understanding about the product. This includes features, benefits, and the cost of the specific product that the customer wants to purchase. For example if a sales staff were to sell a computer his/her knowledge should be: Specification of the computer

Hard drive
CPU (Central processing unit)
Software win XP or win 7 including (Word/Excel/PowerPoint.Etc.) Other warranty benefits that come with the computer
Extra warranty should be provided.

Another important point would be to provide information. For example sales staff should explain in detail the main features of the product in a way that the customer understands. Also the benefits you are likely to get out of the product .On the other hand sales staff should find out exactly what the customer is looking for by listening to the customer then matching what is available in the store.

According to me the most important role of being a sales staff is ‘First point of contact’, First impressions are very important because if a customer comes into the store and is looking for a specific product and they cannot find it and they decide to ask a member staff, however they are ignored or the sales person is uninterested in helping the customer, this could play a big role on the organisation because customers always come first without customers there is no company so they may miss out on several customers also this could lead to missing out on profit as well as customers. On the other hand a good tactic is to say “Hello” when the customer as walked into the store this directly let the customer know that you are there to help if any problems. However sales staff should always look professional and approachable as well as friendly because if a customer is asking a salesperson about the product but the salesperson approaches the customer disrespectfully this automatically sets a bad impression on the person also the company. This is because sales staffs represent the organisation.

Promoting the product means bringing the features and benefits of a product to the notice of a customer. Salesperson should do everything it takes to sell the product they should list all the information features and benefits and show how magnificent the product is so that they customer is influenced and interested in the product. Meanwhile the customer will have confidence about the product and will decide to purchase the product. Also if you sell above your target, on top of your wages you could get a bonus.

Gathering feedback means getting information about the product service from the customers on how they could improve the item and get more shareholders into their company and then it is used to develop new products

And relieve the existing ones. This will make it much easier for customer’s needs.
Developing customer care means as soon as the customer walks in to the store they should be warmly welcomed and also provided with any help they ask for. For example if they bought an item from the store and there is a problem with the item and they would like a replacement the sale staff should respectfully explain what is needed to replace the product. In order to get a replacement or a refund the customer needs to provide a receipt, there name and perhaps there debit/credit card etc. On the other hand the way you act towards the customer is important to the organisation so for example if the customer needs help finding an item it is important that the staff kindly lead them to the right direction. By doing this the customer will be pleased with the service given and may recommend the company to others and this also while lead to the organisation getting a good name. The business also gets a reputation for looking after the customer which can lead to customer loyalty.


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