Unit 11 Cruising Btec Level 3

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Impacts of Cruising

There are both positive and negative impacts to cruising on different countries. Some can have a great affect on the ship and the area where the ship docks, others can have a negative affect on the cruise area itself and the people who live in and around the ports of call.

The first positive impact which I am going to talk about is there are more jobs created by having a port where a big cruise ship comes into. Jobs will be available: • Servicing the port and ship

• Jobs in construction – up-dating port facilities, ship building and in the local area, for example building more shops and tourist attractions • Increased jobs in and around the port

The table to the left shows the amount of tourists that visits different cruise area’s around the world. As you can see from 1997 onwards cruising has increased in popularity greatly. This has created more jobs for people as more people are going on cruises. Some of the jobs which it has created are jobs working in the port, like checking people’s passports before they get on the ship, too putting people’s luggage on the cruise ships and also many more jobs in construction.

It does not only create jobs in the port it will create jobs on the ship, as they will need people to help out on the ship, like they will need waiters, entertainers, cleaners.

Another way you may get a job is as there are more people stopping at the port they will be going on different excursions and the cruise companies will need people who know the local area to help out by given guided tours and taking them too and from the port to the attraction. This is where jobs in transport come in. Cruise companies will want to work with coach companies to take people to and from the port to different attractions, as the cruise port becomes busier they will need more coaches, therefore bringing in more money for the coach company and creating more jobs for local people.

As the port gets busier and more tourists come into the area, tourists will go into shops, bars, restaurants and pubs and will spend their money. This will bring the area in more income and will create more jobs for the local people because the places will become busier and they will need more staff to cope with the demand.

However one problem with jobs is although there may be the demand for them, they will usually only be seasonal when the cruise liners dock into the port. So people will not have jobs for the whole year round so they will have to save their money, to live until they can get a job again.

Another benefit with there being more jobs is the local people will have more disposable income and the town/place where the port is. This is called the multiplier affect by more people coming into the area, it will create more jobs, which will create more income, which will then get put back into the local area improving facilities for both tourists and the people who live there which will then attract more people to come back to the town as it is improving.

Like I said above as more people come to the area it will bring in more income which will be put back into the local area to improve it for the people who live there. For example they may use it to improve the infrastructure and make it easier for tourists to get from A to B, this will then be good for the local people as they will have access to better transport. It may also create more courses like a travel and tourism course, and catering courses for local people so they can go and get a good job in the industry or working on the ship. So all around the improvements of the facilities will benefit everyone.

As well as improving the local economy by creating more jobs and bringing in more income it will help for cultures to be more recognised and will create a greater awareness of different cultures. This is good because it allows for the people around the port to keep the cultures and for them to not become diluted, which can...
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