Unit 11 Childcare

Topics: Childhood, Abuse, Pleading Pages: 5 (1218 words) Published: March 9, 2013
1.1 duty of care in own work role
When working with young children I have to be accountable for each child in my care. This means that I will be responsible for, safeguarding each child. Safeguarding children contains many factors. Monitoring behaviour and conduct, maintaining any confidentiality but reporting any concerns or allegations is the key when working with children and young people. I also have to maintain professional judgement and avoid favouritism.

The environment of the work place has to be safe for the children regular risk assessments are vital to keep children and young people safe. Here are some of the precautions to make sure that children in the nursery are not exposed to preventable accidents; * Storing cleaning products in a cupboard with a safety latch with all containers clearly labelled and fitted with child proof caps. If possible use mild cleaning products. This will stop any poisoning or irritation of skin and eyes. Putting these products in a higher shelf is important.

* Keeping children away from hot surfaces like cookers or boiling water from kettles. To prevent any burns children will not have access to the kitchen.

* To avoid a trip or fall we have to clean up the spillage immediately. There should also be no trailing electrical leads or anything that will cause a trip or fall.

* Both staff and children are in risk of electric shocks and burns. Children are curious so safety plugs must be in all sockets and regular checks by a qualified electrician is crucial.

* Hygiene- maintaining a clean environment for everyone.

Working safely and following policy and procedures to protect myself and others is key.

-Safeguarding children and young people

All children must be kept in a safe environment. Children must be looked after by suitable adults who oblige the wellbeing and welfare of a child. All staff need to be trained so they can do their job well, volunteers must never be left on their own. Any concerns about a child’s welfare must be reported to someone who is committed to children and young people’s welfare and safety. If a child is questionable to abuse all staff must know the procedures and policy’s and takes action immediately.

Monitoring my own behaviour and conduct to make sure I keep information to myself so it would not go against the date protection act. I do my best to work professionally keeping in mind policies at all times in the work place to respect the confidentiality. I have to make professional judgement based on fact, knowledge, policy and procedure to keep children safe.

Every child matters and must be given the same amount of attention consistently favouritism must be avoided. I maintain the standards and conduct outside the work place also so that the public confidence in me is not damaged.

1.2 Contribution of duty of care to safeguarding and protection of individuals

Each individual must be protected from sexual physical and emotional abuse each staff member must be trained to recognise sexual abuse and must have knowledge of procedures in such situations. Higher authority must always be informed and Records should be kept.

To help maintain a safety in the environment I must be trained to use any appliances so that I can use it safely to protect myself. Protection from intimidation and humiliation with staff members and children is important. If I encounter any bullying it must be reported to keep relationships professional in the work environment.

Staff can be at risk of allegation or miss conduct, it is important to be aware of what to do if any incidents happen. For example if a child has an accident one must protect their self when engaging any sensitive care procedures. All events of the incident must be reported.

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