Unit 11: Business

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  • Published : December 11, 2012
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|BTEC First Diploma in Business 2010 | | |Unit 11: Customer Relations In Business | |

Credit Value: 10Deadline:

This assignment follows the criteria laid out by Edexcel, the examining body for the BTEC First Diploma in Business 2010. Before attempting this assignment you should read the course information provided by Edexcel which has been handed to you by your teacher. Work through the assignment and complete the tasks as directed by your teacher. They will give you the notes you need to pass the unit, but you will also need to carry out independent research. You must produce a professional report in Word. The quality of your spelling, punctuation and grammar must be high and the report must be well presented. All the work submitted must be in your own words. If you copy, you will be disqualified from this subject and you may be disqualified from other subjects as well. The whole assignment must be completed by the deadline.

Your work should be presented in word processed format (using Word) so that it is professional and can be understood easily. You will need to 1. use the questions on the next few pages as a guide

2. ensure consistency in presentation (font size 12!)
3. create a cover page
4. use the titles given
5. select, organise and use information from a variety of sources 6. explain new terms/ concepts in detail
7. relate the theory to the businesses you research
8. include real life examples
9. produce independent research
10. use your note book and text book
11. use quotes from books and interviews – always give sources • use diagrams, photos and images to illustrate points • evaluate evidence and make reasoned judgements
• be creative and original.
• keep a record of books, articles and websites used • use the feedback given to identify ways to improve and meet your target grade

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please check the above as you work through the assignment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

|Criteria |Tasks |Deadline | | | | | | |Introduction – one paragraph to half a side | | | |Write an introduction to this assignment explaining what you are doing and why. Follow| | | |and answer all the prompts below. | | | |Who are you? (Name, age, school) | | | |Why are you writing this assignment? (To complete unit 11 of the BTEC, to achieve | | | |success at GCSE-level, to acquire business skills – which ones?, to advance onto A | | | |Levels, to get a job…) | | | |What is this assignment about? (Read the information given to you by Edexcel) | | | |When will you complete this assignment by? What skills will you need to use? | | | |(Presentation, writing, English, Word….) | | | |...
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