Unit 10 - Research Project - Healthy Eating

Topics: Nutrition, Health, Healthy diet Pages: 7 (2645 words) Published: January 20, 2013
I conducted research on a chosen topic for me to gain my secondary data, I research article on my chosen topic, printed them off and highlighted them in my appendix. I got the articles from books and online websites. I then produced a literature review of my articles. I also had to gain primary information which I got from my observations on 30 children at placement and 30 questionnaires send out to the parents but in order for me to do this I had to send out permission letters but before I was ale to do this I had to created my questionnaire and provision letter. Once I had all my permission letters and questionnaires back (managed to get 20 back), I collated my data and the produced charts by using bar charts, pie charts and tally charts. I was also able to carry out my observations because I had my permission slips and with this information I produced my data using bar charts, pie charts and tally charts. After producing all my charts, I had to analyse and summarise the date and find out the mode, range and median of each chart. I also produced my methodology, put into my appendix example of my questionnaire and permission letters as well as the printed out PowerPoint, say what topic I picked and why, the aims of my topic, what my sample target was and how many, who piloted my questionnaire and how I produced it, the ethical issues throughput my research project and confidentiality. An action plan was produced on each section in my research project by a grid which I filled out the dates of target completion and actual completion date. The last thing I did in my research project was state the strengths and weakness throughout the project, conclude what I have found out and reflect on the whole research project as well as having my bibliography which includes all the article I printed off, highlighted and reviewed. From carrying out this research project I found out that 13 children are healthy and 7 children are unhealthy out of the 20 children aged 4-5 years old. I also found out from my data that 4 year old boys are healthier than girls of that age and 5 year old girls are healthier than boys of that age. Another thing I found out was that 15 parents don’t follow the at well plate when providing their child with food however children are eating a variety of food from different food groups that are recurred for them to have a healthy diet. I also found out that children do eat fruit and the majority of parents don’t struggle to provide their child with a healthy diet as this can be seen in my data. Another thing I found out was that 15 parents don’t follow the at well plate when providing their child with food.

I chose to research the subject healthy eating because I believe it is important to give children a healthy lifestyle to help prevent and reduce their risk of anaemia, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and obesity in the future.
My research will be carried out by observing 30 children at placement between the age of 4-5 years and questionnaires on the parents. In order for me to carry out observations and questionnaires I will need permission from the parents of the children. I will gain permission by writing permission letters to the parents and get the signatures back to say whether they will complete my questionnaire and allow their child to be observed. I will get any secondary data/ literature information on healthy eating from books, articles, pictures and online websites which I use to help me back up my research and results. The type of data that will be used in my project is qualitive and quantitive data. My primary data will be shown by bar charts, pie chart and tally chart. I will select my participants by using every parents and child’s observation and questionnaire in order for me to gain the best information and results possible....
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