Unit 1 a Range of Service Provisions in Health and Social Care and Child Care Settings

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Unit 1
Social Care
Child Care

This booklet provides information for a range of service provisions in Health Social Care and Child Care listed are the qualifications, experience, pay, skills needed to be able to succeed in each profession. Health

* Midwife
* Mental Health Nurse
* Nursery Nurse and Nursery Assistant
* Summary nursing and career progression routes

Social Care
* Social worker
* Probation Officer
* Foster Carer

Child Care
* Nanny (living in)
* Teacher
* Educational Welfare Officer


Midwife qualifications and experience needed. The Midwifes are expected to be prepared to care for all women irrespective of their class economic status race or age. They shouldn’t have health or disability that may hinder their ability to work; remaining objective and flexible is a must. They must be able to work on their own or in a team, having a good literacy and numeracy, good communication skills be helpful and caring, being non-judgemental is a must with all patients. Patients may find labour difficult and if you are planning to take part especially in this role you need to have patience. Qualifications

5 GCSE’s grade C or above, equivalent O levels, equivalent two A levels, GNVQ advanced level, NVQ Level 3, GSVQ BTEC Diploma. QAA accredited access to higher education course or equivalent.
Entry qualifications to get into university are usually a minimum of two A levels preferably in science you will normally be entered if you have equivalent such as a level 3 NVQ or BTEC Diploma. If you are already a qualified nurse you will be able to complete an 18 months post registration shortened course. Salary

If you work for the NHS you will be able to earn a starting salary of £20,000 to £26,000, some people go on to become supervisors or consultant midwifes earning up to £70,000. Hours are typically unsociable, the working week is 37.5 hours and are usually shifts days and nights, if you work in the community you will be expected to do on call duties in the patients’ home, home deliveries are becoming more popular for parents.

Mental Health Nurse

Mental health nursing is a complex and demanding area of nursing. Mental ill health is brought on majority of the time by depression from a range of circumstances and conditions, the main objective you need to establish is good communication skills and making sure you strengthen your own personality, you need warmth care and patience a key part to the job being a mental health nurse is combating the stigma attached to having a mental illness you need to be able to help patients and deal with families. There is a danger of violence you need to spot the tension build up and frustration the next step is making sure you defuse the situation. A lot of mental health nurse work is based in the community health care centres, day hospitals and out patients or specialist units, a mental health nurse works as part of a team which can include gp’s, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists, health care assistants and many more. Qualifications

You can apply to university to do a 3 year degree which can lead to a BN or BSC the course consist of academic work and practical placement experience which together fills the requirements for the NMC (Nursing Midwifery Council) this will give you your registration as a practising nurse. You will then get your NMC pin number and every nurse and midwife practising in the UK has one you will also need strong curriculum vitae to succeed. Hours are typically 37.5 hours a week this can include evenings and weekends, bank holidays. Twenty four hour care is usually required as well meaning that shift work is common. If you worked in the community you would have more standard of hours and there would probably be an on call duty or emergency calls.

Nursery Nurse – Nursery Assistant
Nursery nurses work mainly with children up to the age of...
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