Unit 1 Vocabulary

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Unit 1 Vocabulary
Valerie Kinnison
Geography: study of people their environments, and their resources.
The geography of the country affects many people.
Location: position of a place on the earth’s surface
Location of a city can affect what type of people lives there. Latitude: distance north or south of the equator
The low latitude areas receive more sunlight.
Longitude: distance east or west of the prime meridian
Longitude lines run perpendicular to the latitude lines.
Export: goods sent to markets outside a country
Many countries export goods to America to make money.
Import: goods brought into a country
Bananas are imported into the United States.
Interdependence: mutual dependence of countries on goods, resources, and knowledge from other parts of the world
Countries can’t survive without being interdependent on each other for resources. Map Projection: a way of showing the curved earth on a flat surface.
Many map projects are disfigured, and inaccurate.
Topography: physical features of a place or region.
The topography of a region determines the resources available there. Vegetation: plant life of a place or region.
Herbivores depend on vegetation as their source of energy.
Mountain: high, rugged land that rises above surrounding land.
She barely made it to the top of the mountain.
Elevation: height above or below sea level.
The town had a high elevation, making it difficult to breathe for lack of oxygen. Hill: area of raised land that is lower and less steep than a mountain.
The plains were interrupted by only one hill.
Plain: a large area of level or gently rolling land.
The plain seemed to go on forever.
Plateau: an area of land raised above the surround land
The plateau seemed to rise out of nowhere.
Climate: average weather of a place over a period of 20-30 years.
The climate of southern California is warm and dry.
Culture: all the things that make up a way of life.
The culture of another country may seem...
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