Unit 1: Understanding Good Customer Service

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  • Published : May 16, 2013
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Unit 1: Understanding Good Customer Service

Internal Customers- Colleagues and people who work in the same company External Customers- People outside the company and new customers

Customer expectation- This is when they ask for something and they expect a certain level of service Customer satisfaction- This is when customers feel like you’ve given them a good service

Main characteristics of typical customers- Typical customers purchase goods/services, make queries and ask for advice.

Exceeding customer expectation- Providing good value for money, giving advice and information quickly, providing additional help and support and good discounts.

Falling short of customer service- Being unable to meet customers’ expectations, unable to deliver services/goods and being rude.

Different responsibilities in customer service
Supervisor- training, day to day responsibilities, supervision and a source of advice Line manager- more supervision, more responsibility, and auditing.

Customer service roles- Receptionist, shop assistant, delivery driver and accounts manager.

Different kinds of information- Informative, instructive, directive, warning and safety.

Common sources of information- Brochures, leaflets, internet, press reports and from your customers. Customer’s service experience is affected by the behaviour they receive from customer service practitioners Showing concern- Sympathy

Listening- Nodding, saying yes
Positive body language- Keeping eye contact
Indentifying the reason for dissatisfaction- Faulty goods, no delivery. Apologising- Saying sorry, explain the reasons
Remaining calm and in control- Not losing temper

Typical customer service problems- Complaints, faults, deliveries and not fit for purpose

Reporting customer service problems- To your supervisor, to your manager and to the supplier.

To customer- Consistent service and effective cover for absences To organisation- Consistency and effective cover for...
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