Unit 1 Supporting the Teacher

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UNIT 1 Supporting the Teacher

Task 1
The key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant are to plan and prepare work under the direction and supervision of the teacher, to support learning activities effectively and consistently whilst recognising their individual needs. * Assess and evaluate pupils work as directed by the teacher which might include assisting with the development and implementation of individual educational plans (IEPs). * Establish productive working relationships with pupils acting as a role model, promoting independence, inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom. * Understand and follow the schools ethos, mission, aims and values. * Ensure health and safety of the children.

* Keep the classrooms and other areas around school tidy. * Organise and take care of class room resources.
* Assist with the supervision of children at break times and at the beginning and end of the day. * Report any problems or queries to the teacher, and give feedback to the teacher following planned activities.

Task 2
Examples of some tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher are: * Preparation and maintenance of the learning environment with guidance from the teacher such as decorating bulletins and making displays of the children’s work and pictures. Maintain neat and clean desks, bookshelves, and storage areas. Encourage pupils to take responsibility for their environment by picking up litter and disposing of it correctly and returning learning materials to their appropriate place once they have been used. * Prepare learning materials for use by organising the necessary material such as pencils, paper, paint etc…; identify where the different materials and equipment are kept and storing the materials safely and securely, set out the appropriate materials as directed. * Effectively using equipment, resources and materials to prepare different types of instructional materials for the teacher theses may include laminating, photo copying, use of different software on the computer, setting up and using a projector and preparing posters, charts, and other visual aids. * Promote equality and appreciation of diversity, including reference to race, culture, religion, gender, age, disability and sexuality. * Use materials and teaching methods that promote equality of opportunity and diversity To ensure that the teaching assistant is supporting the teacher, school and pupils efficiently and effectively the teaching assistant must communicate on a daily basis whether its formal or informal with all members of staff, establishing a good working relationship to allow the teaching assistant to have a clear idea of what is expected of them.

Task 3
The role of a teaching assistant is to maximise learning, creating a safe and positive learning environment and minimise behaviour problems so to contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year olds learning to play percussion instruments I would make sure that there is a safe and suitable environment for the children and staff, by making sure the area is clean and tidy. Check that there is adequate equipment such as music sheets, percussion instruments, chairs etc . . . and make sure that the instruments and any other materials are in good and clean working order. Set the instruments and materials up as directed by the teacher. Gain knowledge if appropriate of the instruments going to be used so that I can help and guide the children who may struggle helping show them how to hold the instruments correctly and play them whilst monitoring their behaviour helping them to achieve the outcome of the lesson. I would also monitor the pupil’s behaviour trying to minimise any disruptive behaviour keeping the pupils interested and allowing them to learn in a safe and positive environment.

Task 4
When working in a school environment it is important to demonstrate that you are a good role...
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