Unit 1 P5 P6 M3 D1

Topics: Communication, Barrier, Distraction Pages: 4 (1487 words) Published: April 8, 2013
The one to one communication
My communication skills in this discussion were over all quite good. I was using skills such as body language and physical touch. My convocation with the service user was about her going up the stairs to get her ready for bed. The type of communication being given was instructions and general convocation. Due to the service user having dementia she no longer speaks but still communicates with eye gestures, whistling, smiling, sighing, breathing heavily and being forceful. She also has physical barriers as she cannot walk much. I picked a suitable environment for me and the service user to communicate, as it was convenient to the situation that was going on. In a residential home there are many communication barriers. During my convocation barriers that were disturbing the service user and the careers were; the doorbell, the telephone and the emergency buzzers were things in the environment distracting the careers .the things distracting the service user was things like the TV, other service users and looking out the window and into mirrors. In our convocation as we were taking the service user upstairs on the stair lift. I started whistling a song to one of the sound of music songs and she started to whistle along. She then smiled at the end of the song . As she smiled I noticed most of her teeth were cracked and chipped due to her chewing her medication. I asked her “do your teeth not hurt?” “They look like they hurt “ i said and i patted her on the knee. When we reached the top of the stairs i asked her to stand. She always get distracted with the mirror at the top of the stairs when we normally ask her to stand. But this time she was smiling and looking at her teeth pulling her lips back and looking at her teeth. She must of understood what I was taking about and wanted to have a look at for herself. You have to be clear and simple when giving thing these service user instructions. You have to be clear and simple speaking and...
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