Unit 1 - P1 'Two Contrasting Business Organisations'

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Two contrasting business organisations
‘Describe the type of business, purpose and ownership of two contrasting businesses.’ The research contrasts two business organisations in the local area and discusses the different purposes and ownership. The two businesses that I am comparing are Tesco and All Seasons. Tesco plc

Tesco is proven to be an international business with different stores over 13 countries and is one of the largest retailers in the UK and is one of the fourth largest in the world. Tesco have over 500,000 people who are dedicated to bringing the best value, choice and service to their millions of customers each week.

Tesco plc is a retailer, which means it is part of the tertiary sector because it does provide a service. Globally Tesco has over 300,000 employees with over 2,100 stores. The company not only sells food items but they have also extended the business to sell non-food items and services such as the ‘Tesco Bank’, ‘Tesco Pet Insurance’ and ‘Tesco Car Insurance’ which helps contribute to the overall UK growth. They have managed to have a long term growth within the business is because it has offered the customers new goods and services which are expanding in the UK markets, such as financial services, telecoms and non-food and also finding more new markets abroad such as central Europe, Asia and the United States. Tesco plc stands for Tesco public limited company. The ‘plc’ means that its actual shareholders, run by directors and whose liability is limited, own the business. Limited liability is something meaning that the investors are the only ones who can loose the money, which helps to encourage people to invest in the company. When the shares in Tesco first go on sale to the general public, Tesco gets given a listing on the London Stock Exchange, which means it has sold the business to other investors.

Millie's is a small local bakery store based in stone. The storeowner is Millie Brydon. Millie's also...
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