Unit 1 M3

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  • Published : February 17, 2013
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In this assignment I am going to be explaining how my own communication skills could have been used to make both the interactions more effective.

In my one – one interaction I felt I could have improved my posture because when I was talking to Lora I was sat on a footstool so I was slouching abit. This may have given to Lora wrong impression. To improve my posture I could have sat upright and done something with my arms as they were just sitting there in front of me resting on my legs. This means I would have been showing more interest to the conversation. Although by slouching I believe it showed that I was relaxed and comfortable to be sitting and conversation with Lora. I have taken notice of my posture and for further interactions that I may take place in I will try and sit upright but if I start to feel uncomfortable I will adjust my position without slouching.

I don’t think I could have used gestures and facial expressions anymore than what I did in my interaction with lora because I nodded my head when she spoke and I also smiled at her abit. I do feel like I could do something with my hands because when I speak to someone I’ve just met I tend to fold my arms a lot which could look like I’m being defensive and moody, therefore I could learn to do something with my hands whilst speaking to people. I could learn to do more hand gestures such as open palms which means friendliness therefore it shows I’m happy and that I want to communicate with that person. To improve on my facial expressions I could smile a lot more to show that I am happy to be there speaking to that person and also to show that I am interested.

I believe I could have asked lora a few more questions than what I did because then I would have got a better understanding about her life when she was a child. Instead of me asking lora questions I just let her talk to me and tell me in her own time and at her own pace. If I had of asked more questions I would have got a better insight of...
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