Unit 1 Ip Sociology

Topics: Culture, Native Americans in the United States, United States Pages: 5 (1579 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Individual Project Sociology II
Jane Doe
September 7, 2011
SSCI210-1103B-07: Sociology
American Intercontinental University Online
Professor Alma Rodriguez

Ethnocentrism is reality. Individuals do believe that their culture is better than the next individual. Over the years because of greed countries have gone to war because of ethnocentrism. A couple of things that could cause a war between nations are greed, misunderstanding of religion and different cultural beliefs.  

According to Barger 2008, ethnocentrism is thinking one’s own group’s way are superior to other’s or judging other group’s as inferior to one’s own. The word ethnocentrism broken down by Barger 2008, also state that ethnic is cultural heritage, and centrism refers to starting point. Ethnocentrism refers to judging other group’s from our own cultural point of view. It is a form of racism against ethnic cultures or beliefs that are different from an individual’s views of their own. Locally individuals not understanding of ethnic beliefs or culture could affect individual’s ability to maintain a relationship. Globally could cause war against the nation if they feel it is a threat to their country’s beliefs. In the following paragraphs will discuss ethnocentrism more in depth. What is culture?

According to CARLA 2009, culture is defined as the shared patterns of behaviors and interactions, cognitive understanding that are learned through a process of socialialization. In layman’s terms culture in a group is how they react with another through emotional ties, language, and values through their beliefs. How is culture and ethnocentrism related?

Culture is about the groups beliefs and values as to ethnocentrism are to judge the groups about their culture. They are related due to both are referring to a group’s beliefs and values which involves culture and their way of life. Ethnocentrism is more referring to arrogant feelings against one culture compared to their own. For example Americans, feel they have more freedom in all aspects of society. Women in the western hemisphere do not have any freedom. They have to completely cover their bodies. They can only show their eyes. Women in American already feel a bias toward western hemisphere due to they can show all of their body and be more recognized. Women in the western hemisphere are degraded by men due to they do not have any input on society. They are to keep quiet and be submissive to men. Women in American we can make a large input on society with our education and ideas. Women can make a stand toward business, motherhood, and our way of livelihood. AVATAR

AVATAR is a story about a different culture based on the planet Pandora. The military is sent there due to Onitanium that is worth several millions of dollars. Due to greed the military is willing to push the Omitcaya people out of their home. Their home is a large tree. Avatar is also the name used to use human bodies and turn them into the native NA’VI people. Avatars are grown from human DNA mixed with the native people. The nervous system links to the avatars that are remotely controlled from a base to where the human is inside in a deep sleep. The NA’VI people are very tall, blue and kind of cat-like appearance. Jake Sully is one of the main characters of the movie. His avatar was made from his twin brother who was killed. He is a marine. Jake’s brother gave the scientific DNA to perform his avatar. When he was killed, Jake was a perfect match to take over the avatar. The movie proceeds to show the different culture of the NA’VI and their beliefs. The military are constantly trying to take over their forest for greed and misunderstanding of their home and their way of life. Explain ethnocentrism and its impact in the movie

The Americans believed the NA’VI were ridiculous for living in a tree. The Americans wanted to remove the tree...
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