Unit 1 Info Tech – Outcome 3/Assessment Task 2 – Investigation Report

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  • Published : February 23, 2002
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Unit 1 Info Tech – Outcome 3/Assessment Task 2 – Investigation Report

To complete this assessment task, it stated to study and analyze different events that I did during three days. I was asked to describe the sources of information, describe the nature of the information, technologies used to produce it, the qualities and the usefulness of the information.

The different types or sources and information consisted of Text, numeric, sound and visual. These are all major ways that information is transmitted to the public. Sound, Visual and Text are the most common ways, as everyone sees them at least 10 times a day. These are shown if forms such as newspapers, magazines, via radio or television, billboards and over the Internet. The information shown originates from ideas, and from what the public wants. An example of this is the news. Major stories are so well organized and picked very carefully. It must appeal to the whole community, in a very strong way, whether it is about a killing, some major court hearing and even something popular in parliament.

Probably one of the major things that a news reporter has to think about is "who is the news targeted at"? Target audience can make the difference between the story being eye catching and appealing to the public, or being just another ordinary story. Depending on what audience the story is aimed at, determines what time the story will be shown, or on what page. For example, the sport is always shown at the end of the news and on the last pages of the newspaper. Accuracy, completeness, consistency, validation, appropriateness and timing are major parts needed to get a message across. Accuracy is very important, yet some news reporter's change the story around a little to keep viewers and readers interested. Validation and timing is very important, because viewers want to be updated with current news.

The information that was shown as texts, picture and sound were the 3 main points that attract people....
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