Unit 1 Effective Communication P1

Topics: Communication, Sound, Video Relay Service Pages: 2 (649 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Technology aids to communication
Hearing aids: hearing aids are used by people who are trouble hearing. They are battery powered, hearing aids are will not work very effectively when in a noisy environment therefore when trying to communicate with someone use a tone that is clear and make sure that they are able to read your lips as well that means not putting your hand over the mouth or having your hair in the way. Text phones, relay systems and minicom: these can be used of a way to communicate with someone who is deaf or trouble hearing, a text relay service such as minicom enable deaf people to communicate with people through text messaging. The deaf people will text the information they are trying to get across, the person on the receiving end will hear the information and reply. This way of communicating with deaf people can be effective simply because you’re not worried whether they heard you or not because all the information is on text and they can easily read it. Loop system: this is for people who have hearing aids to hear sounds more clearly; a cable is fitted into public places such as banks, hospitals and even in cars. Some sounds from TV’s, microphones or even music systems can be amplified into the loop. Those who use special hearing aids can turn them to a setting that will allow them to her the amplified sounds from the loop system. Voice activated software: this is most commonly used by people with dyslexia that find it hard to type because words may look mixed up or for those that have trouble spelling words. The way it works is by a person talking the computer directs it to carry out some tasks, this way of communication can will enable people that have difficulty spelling and not comfortable using the keyboard to use the computer with much more confidence. Human Aids

Interpreters: are people who help translate one language to another they are able to translate sign language verbal communication into sign language for the deaf. It is...
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