Unit 1 - D1 & D2

Topics: BP, Recession, Economy Pages: 10 (4135 words) Published: December 4, 2012
In every organisation there are stakeholders and these stakeholders are split up in groups; Internal, External and Linked. Internal stakeholders are individuals that are within an organisation such as workers, panel of administrators and professionals. Linked stakeholders are individuals that are associated with the organisation or use their products or services. These are clients, providers, share-holders and opponents. Finally, outside stakeholders are those individuals that are not engaged in the organisation but are interested in the way that it is run such as the government, team & stress categories. British Petroleum PLC has lots of stakeholders which are; investors, administrators and professionals, workers, providers, clients, team, government, business labour unions & stress categories. All of these stakeholders impact BP differently and have different amounts of energy within the company. The internal stakeholders of BP are workers, panel of administrators & professionals. The employees at BP can impact the organisation because in the occasion that they are being discriminated against because of an impairment, sex, race or age and in the occasion that they are not being compensated then they can get business labour unions engaged which could cause to hits over pay gets frozen or retirement benefits or job reduces, this would impact BP because if there was an attack then petrol, oil and petro-chemical development will quit. This will price the organisation because they will still have to pay team but no perform is being completed. As well as this business labour unions could take the organisation to court of the treatment of a worker which may price the organisation cash because they may have to pay compensation or pay a fine. On top of getting business labour unions engaged, workers can also take out their labour from the organization. This would mean that BP will must hire and train a used worker which will price the company cash as they must pay for job commercial and job exercising. The administrators and professionals impact BP because they have the energy to hire and fire workers and promote workers as well as creating strategic organization choice and economical goals. This impacts the organisation because the economic goals let them measure organisation performance, are they creating more or less benefit than expected. The connected stakeholders at BP are investors, clients, providers, opponents. BP has investors because they are a Public Limited Company, significance that people can buy an amount of the organisation on the London Stock Exchange. The investors can impact the organisation because they can provide their stocks in their organization. This would cause to less economical commitment in the organisation significance that the BP budget is cut & they would have to figure out techniques of decreasing costs which would probably mean job reduces. Customers can impact BP as they can take their organization elsewhere. This was seen in the syllabus of the Beach of South America oil flow as clients saw what happened & what was happening to the surroundings may have boycotted BP generate & shifted to opponents to show their values against BP. This would mean BP revenue would decrease so BPs returns would decrease. Competitors can impact BP as they can take clients. For example if an opponent like Spend decreased their petrol costs then clients would you Spend generate instead of BP significance that BP will must decrease their costs so that clients would use their products. Suppliers can impact BP as they can take out their products. If providers take out then BP will not be able to operate effectively as for example if the petrol tube provider withdraws their supply to BP then energy sources are being produced but there is not any bins to position them in so development would must quit. The outside stakeholders at BP are Government, team, stress categories. The government can impact BP by generating new...
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