Unit 1 Childcare and Education

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Unit 1 - an introduction to working with children
1. Gainsborough Primary and Nursery school is located on Belgrave Road, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7NH, Tel. 01270 685328. The school is aimed at boys and girls from the ages of 3 to 11, provides nursery and school services and it is entirely free for the children to attend. The school is separated in to three sections; one for the children attending the nursery aged 3 to 4; another for children from 4 to 7 years who are educated in the lower school and another for children from 8 to 11 years who are educated in the junior school.

2.Rainbows is held at Union Street Baptist Church, Union Street, Crewe, Cheshire, CW2 7DJ, Tel: 01270 652151. Rainbows is a voluntary group for young girls aged 5 to 7. Rainbows is a place where young girls can enjoy crafts, games and outings. This organisation encourages young girls to get involved with others in their area and have group discussions allowing them to think for themselves. Rainbows says that it is ‘an opportunity for her to develop – it’s an opportunity to Look, Learn, Laugh, Love.’

3.Tinks Children’s Day Nursery Ltd is located on Jubilee Avenue, Crewe, CW2 7PR, Tel: 01270560083. Tinks provides both before and after school care for children from the age of 0 to 5. Tinks prices range from £120 per week for 5 half days and £185 for 5 full days. “Tinks staff will care for your baby or very young child on an individual basis, taking into account your child's sleeping patterns, your child will also be kept in a safe and stimulating environment and their development will be monitored.” http://www.tinksnursery.co.uk/ Slightly older children will be slowly introduced to the pleasures of education, play and social interaction. Self-discipline and respect for others are also introduced and enforced and Staff will carefully monitor the children’s progress, both physical and intellectual.


Tinks helps by reducing the stress in the household for parents who need to know their children are in a safe environment whilst going to work. Tinks also helps parents by ensuring that their children make friends and gain their first stages of education. The children are helped by Tinks as it allows them to gain new experiences and skills.

Rainbows helps parents by giving their children opportunities to experience new activities at a young age. It also gives parents an opportunity to work or enjoy leisure at no cost. Rainbows helps young girls by allowing them to socialise with others of their age and helps them to gain useful life skills, for example how to set up a tent.

This school helps a wide range of children obtain a free education allowing the children to develop skills both social e.g. independence and behaviour. The families of pupils are helped by the school to have a say in their children’s education via email or telephone and the school also provides a safe environment for the children to play allowing parents to work and earn money for the family without worrying about their children. The children are also helped greatly by the school for example learning important life skills and making friends.

E3- There are two main legislations in the UK that support the rights of children. The first of these is the Children’s Act 1989 which was as a result of the UK adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. This act is well known for its stance that the welfare of children is paramount and made it clear that their needs and interests come first, the act also covers child protection and parental responsibility as well as inspection of settings and made it clear that children’s/young peoples views were to be taken into account when considering future decisions concerning their lives. The Children Act 2004 built on the 1989 act. This act instigated Every Child Matters which promoted the wellbeing of children and contained five aims, It wanted children to be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and achieve in...
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