Unit 1- Childcare and Education

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Unit 1- An introduction to working with children

Nurseries provide care and education for children under the age of five in my area by offering free learning and play sessions which take place in the mornings and afternoons. Instead of a nursery just being a place where your child plays, a nursery provides education by qualified staff and professionals who encourage a child to learn as well a play while still providing care. Holiday play schemes is a place where children over the age of five go and can participate in various different types of activities which are both educational and play sessions, the activities range from reading books and watching educational programmes/videos/DVD’s to children playing on game consoles. ‘The room is divided into areas of various types of play experiences. These areas include, large and small construction sets, imaginative play - dressing ups, home corner, mark making, Hama beads, dance mats, games machines, pool table, small world, football table. We also have two adjoining areas where children can access messy/art and craft activities and relax in the quiet area, reading books or watching various videos/DVD's.’ http://brightbeginningschildcare.co.uk/playscheme 11.11.11

A Child-minder is a person who looks after a parents children in their own home, child-minders usually look after children under the age of five, they provide care and education by helping the child with school work such as homework, participating in educational games or activities with them or generally playing games with them, baking or watching programmes with them.

Nurseries aim to support children and their families by building a strong partnership with parents/careers because the setting and the child’s guardian want what is best, and for the child to achieve. If a nursery did not have a good relationship with parents/careers then there isn’t any trust or respect so if an issue is raised for example the child is underachieving and the nursery thought it is best for that child to receive additional support, a parent/career could take offence to it and then the situation could escalate. But if the nursery had a good positive relationship with parents and careers then a discussion could take place about the child receiving additional support, because it is important that you include the parent or career in discussions about their child otherwise they could feel that they are not valued or respected, and it is also their right to make decisions about their child, so if a nursery overlooked a parent or career regarding a situation with their child the parent or career could feel disrespected. ‘It recognises that parents and carers need to be fully involved in discussions about their child's additional support needs. Where necessary, they should be given support by their school or nursery to take part in meetings and be included fully in decisions that affect their child. Establishments and parents/carers may not always agree on what is in the best interest of the child, but by developing good relationships, and through good communication, it is expected that most problems and disagreements will be solved at school/nursery level.’ http://www.clacksweb.org.uk/learning/aslfamilies/ 18.11.11

Holiday play schemes offer children a wide range of different activities from rock climbing to extra-curricular lessons such as additional english, maths or science, but the way these extra-curricular lessons are integrated into the activities do not seem like they are lessons, but the children are subconsciously learning new things which would help them throughout school because they can relate back to these activities. This supports children because they are providing a safe and secure place where they can come and be happy, make new friends and learn new skills and play schemes provide for all children so every child is included, they are also supporting the child by teaching them new things or helping...
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