Unit 1 Child Care

Topics: Human rights, Developmental psychology, Children Act 1989 Pages: 9 (3115 words) Published: June 12, 2013
E1- describe 3 different types of settings which provide care and education for children in your area. This must include ONE example from the: * Statutory sector
* Voluntary sector
* Private sector
Statutory care is provided by the government which has to be provided by law. This means the government have decided that everyone who has a particular need must be able to access the service. Government provide money to support these services and to pay the people who work for them. All statutory organisations are funded by the government but there are other sources of funding comes from charges, dental and opticians’ fees for adults over 19 and under 65 who are not entitled to some form of benefits. An example of a statutory service in my area is Medway hospital. A private sector is a sector which is self-funded, this means it is run by individuals and companies for profit, all private sectors do not get any funding by the government etc. These organisations are owned by the public and can only be used by people willing to pay. An example of a private sector in my area is monkey bizz. Voluntary care settings support people who have a particular need. These organisations have paid qualified staff but they rely on donations from the public and many of the staff are volunteers. Some voluntary organisations are given government grants, and make a lot of their money through fundraising events. A voluntary organisation in my area is Demelza house. E2- describe how each of the types of settings identified in E1 aims to support children and their families. One of the statutory organisations in my area is Medway Hospital, Medway Hospital offers a number of different services including, accident and emergency, anaesthetics, critical care and pain medicine, and pain medicines, cancer services, Children’s services, diagnostics, facilities and clinical support, general medicine, maternity services, medical assessment unit, outpatients, purchasing and supplies surgical services and women’s health.

The hospital has two wards which care for children, plus a special care baby unit which cares for premature babies. Dolphin Ward is a medical, orthopaedic, surgical and ear, nose and throat ward caring for children from 0-16yrs. The Penguin Assessment Unit provides medical and nursing assessment and care for babies, children and young people aged 0-16. The Oliver Fisher Special Care Baby Unit has a total of 26 cots including eight intensive care cots. It cares for babies born prematurely or who are sick and need the intensive care that only a highly specialised facility, skilled staff and sophisticated equipment can provide to ensure their survival. All of these services support children and their families in many ways, these could include making the child feel safe and secure, ensuring the families that there child is being looked after, making everybody feel reassured about what is going on, and giving specific care. One of the private organisations in my area is Monkey Bizz. Monkey bizz is a indoor activity centre for children. This organisation includes, sports zones, ‘tots town’ which gives children under 4 a chance to play and climb to gain physical skills, learn colours and shapes, baby changing rooms with education pictures to stimulate learning and a café to promote healthy eating and the Monkey maze for 4-12 year olds to help with physical social and intellectual skills. This organisation supports children and their families by giving them a place to relax for the parents and have fun for the children. It develops physical social and intellectual skills for children, and gives parents time to relax and meet new people. A voluntary organisation in my area is Demelza house, Demelza house is a children’s hospice that supports children and young people between the age of 0 to 19 years who are not expected to reach adulthood. Children’s hospices are different to adult hospices in many ways, many of the conditions children...
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