Unit 1 Child Care

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Baby Sitting
Baby Sitting


It is important that when babysitting you find what the expectations of the child’s parents are and have an understanding of the routines and the boundaries that are followed within the home. Knowing the likes and dislikes of the children and being sure of the sort of activities that are acceptable and age or stage appropriate will help to make the occasion fin for the children and enjoyable for the babysitter.

Responsibilities of the parent(s) to the baby sitter
When parents leave their children in the care of a baby sitter there are many responsibilities that the Parent(s) must ensure they cover, this is to make sure that the child/children and also the baby sitter feel safe, and also confident that if something goes wrong they can contact the parents easily. Therefore the Parent(s) should leave contact numbers; however they shouldn’t just leave their mobile numbers as the parents may have no signal where they are going, so making sure that the parents write down the number of the house/place they are going so that if something happens to the child/children the baby sitter can easily get hold of the parent(s). The parent(s) must make sure that they actually hand the piece of paper with the contact numbers on to the baby sitter, this will ensure that they know exactly where it is.

Before the parent(s) leave the child/children in the responsibility of the baby sitter there are a number of things which the parent(s) needs to let the baby sitter know. This includes, where everything is, if they have eaten or not, and also what time they go to bed. This is important for the child/children so that they can stick to their routine, this will ensure that the child is calmer because things aren’t too abnormal. Parent(s) should also let the baby sitter know what programs they think are appropriate and un-appropriate for the child/children to be watching. If they have any homework which they...
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