Unit 1 Business Enviroment Task 1

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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!Task 1
a) Describe the type of business activities, purpose and ownership of your two chosen businesses (P1)

NHS (Public)
The National health trust (NHS) is non-profit organisation.
Their purpose is to provide a broad range of healthcare services such as providing medicine, helping patients of all types (age, ethnicity), dentistry and health insurance. Most services are free to most of the residents of the United Kingdom and some patients tend to go for private healthcare. The funding comes from government and national insurance payments. NHS business activities

* Local GP e.g.- by booked appointment or emergency appointment * NHS walk in centre- e.g. clinic
* Dentist
* Pharmacist- to collect prescriptions
* Opticians
* Dentist surgery
* NHS direct via internet and telephone

Tesco (private)
Tesco is in the private sector. It is a public limited company (PLC) this means they trade on the stock exchange to allow more finance through selling their shares. It is owned by several owners who are shareholders. The purpose of Tesco is to supply a wide range of goods which they sell, both in store and online. They also offers financial services such as their own credit card, personal loans and many types of insurance and provide a home delivery service to people shopping online. Tesco business activities can be divided in to six sections: * Tesco direct - E.g. electrical items such as a TV, CD player, furniture etc. * Groceries and wine- such as food and alcohol, and convenient items such as milk and bread * Entertainment and books e.g. CD’s, DVD’s, stationary, children and adults books and newspaper and magazines. * Finance and insurance e.g. credit cards, insurance policies * Phones and broadband- e.g. pay as you go and contract mobile phones * Online website for online shopping