Unit 1 Assignment Childcare

Topics: The Child, Developmental psychology, Interpersonal relationship Pages: 3 (838 words) Published: January 23, 2013
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It is very important to be aware of the values and principles that underpin working with children. One principle that is used when working with children is practitioners work with parents and families who are partners in the care, learning and development of their children and are the child’s first and most enduring educators. This is very important because you are putting the child first and giving then the up most value for learning new things and getting the best support if they are struggling with anything they might be finding difficult. Also it will give them support with development, parents and practitioners can help them develop more as a person/individual and develop in more physically, mentally etc. Another principle is making the welfare of the child is paramount, by putting the welfare of the child first you and making sure they are in a safe, secure environment where the child can flourish in. By doing this you are putting the child’s issues or problems first and effectively acting upon them in the right way what’s going to put the child first and sorting the problem out. * D1

When working with children you should develop and maintain a good relationships with parents and other professionals, you should do this so the child can take advantages from both relationships, for example if you build a relationship with a parent of a child in you setting and they are learning how to read but struggling, you can use the developed relationship with the parent to inform them about this matter. Therefore the parent can give extra guidance to the child by practicing their reading more often. This will therefore give the child an advantage of the relationship. Another reason why you should develop and maintain a good relationship with parents and other professionals is because you should always be putting the child firs, and if or when concern accrue about a individual in your setting you may have to bring it up with another professional based outside...
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