Unit 1 an Introduction to Working Wid Children

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CACHE Assignment DCCE Level 2
An Introduction to working with children

The purpose of having statutory education which is put in place by the government is to give equal opportunities for every child and it is free of charge. Statutory education allows children to interact, communicate and socialise more with children from other ethnic groups. Attending nursery’s at the age of 3 to 5 will enable the children to socialise, learn as well as recognise different objects, colours and shapes. Attending a primary school from the age 5+, will provide an education for children future life. Children gain an understanding of the world, they learn how to interact with people and it prevents them from being anti-social. A national curriculum is followed in primary schools, this follows the subjects; * English

* Maths
* Science
* Physical education
* History
* Geography
* Religious education
The purpose of having a private crèche is to satisfy busy or working parents e.g. in a shopping centre, these services are not statutory and you would need to pay money for your child to attend. You would attend under the age of 5, and it will be run by a company or have an owner. The purpose of independent services like private schools is for those who believe their child would may be have more opportunities and would grow up in a better environment; education would be provided independently and the school would be run as a company and not receive any government funding, but rely solely on parents paying for their children’s education. D3

Rainbow Trust Children's Charity provides practical and emotional support to families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness. Rainbow Trust is committed to providing the best care and services to all families referred for support. The staff at Rainbow Trust respect each family’s values, needs, resources and strengths and aims to develop a strong working partnership with families. Children and their families are respected and valued as individuals. They are committed to the promotion of equality for all, also respect and value different cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs and acknowledge the diversity of all people. D4

Keeping information confidential is very important as it may lead to a child being at risk. You would need to be professional, what you hear about a child or parent should be kept in the setting and not be brought up outside. There are many ways to keep information confidential;

* Secure it and ensure you keep your information safe
* Put files/ papers in an cabinet with a lock
* Make a folder on the computer with a password control
* Do not talk to family/ friends about things heard or seen in the settings * Do not write children’s name and surname on papers which you would take home * Do not carry information loaded papers with you, email them * Only tell staff that need to know information about a child who may be at risk * When making phone calls make sure that the information you give to is the parents/carers D5

To prepare yourself to work in a placement with children you should; * Make sure you go to any induction days that the placement might have * Have positive body language and eye contact when speaking to parents/supervisors * You should be polite and mannered as a model to the children * Be organised, bring in organisers and folders for everyday you attend * Get involved by asking questions and taking notes

* Be appropriately dressed, and natural
* Do not question children and make them feel uncomfortable * Have activity’s planed out before hand so it not confusing for both yourself and the children D6/D7
I understand that I should help children achieve develop and educate to their full potential, It is very important for children to be treated well because every child matters and every child has the right to be loved cared and respected that...
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