Unit 1 an Introduction to Working with Children Cache Level 3 Diploma in Childcare

Topics: Children's rights in the United Kingdom, Children Act 1989, Respect Pages: 10 (3301 words) Published: April 19, 2013
Unit 1 Assignment
An introduction to working with children (E1)
Statutory sector – this is a service provided and funded by the government. It is a legal requirement for all children to attend school as they have the right to be educated. An example of this is a local primary school called St. Nicholas; this provides opportunities for children to receive support, care and an education. Another example of a statutory sector would be the NHS as it is funded through the government who get the money from tax payers that pay for the specialist equipment needed and wages for the doctors, nurses and other staff. Voluntary sector – this service is where people volunteer to work at a place where they don’t get paid to help out people in need. This is not funded by the government. An example of this is Haslingden Community Link and Children’s centre this offers counselling, advice, childcare, parenting and benefits to children and families. Charities are also a voluntary service such as Children in Need that raise money. Private Sector – this service is not provided by the government it is run by individuals and companies for profit. Parents have to pay to send their child but it is better for working parents because they offer more flexible hours. An example would be Cherry Tree Pre School in Rossendale that offers the same as a statutory preschool but more of a wide range of hours. (E2)

Statutory school services try to support children by providing an education. It also helps the children through physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social development. As they will be doing physical activities like P.E, through English, maths and science they will learn intellectually, they will also be meeting a range of different children which will help with their social skills. For families the statutory sector provides advice, counselling and parenting. It also helps parents out by giving their children a safe place to go when they are working. Voluntary services such as charities raise money for families in need that help provide them with food, clothes and shelter. Also they offer advice and counselling. A good example of a voluntary service would be a youth club that support teenagers. They provide activities and day trips like for example my local youth club took us to Alton Towers for free. They benefit young adults by giving them a place to belong and keeping them off the streets and committing crimes they also offer support and advice. The private sector like private schools and nurseries assists out with families who work long hours for a safe environment for their children to stay. Private schools offer a more advanced education than a statutory school as well as excellent expectations from all children. Private schools are usually expensive because of the high standard that is expected. The private sector provides children with a sense of independence and maturity. (E3)

Legislation is a statutory law in a childcare setting and promotes two main things; safety/protection and the rights of children. Children’s rights include education, shelter and freedom. The Children Act 1989/2004

This act aims to protect the child from harm and to work in partnership with parents, ensuring that “the welfare of the child is paramount.’’ It forms the legal framework that sets quality standards in most voluntary and private sector children services, and enables OFSTED to operate a registration and inspection system for these services. Children’s basic care and protection is an important part of this act, The Children Act 2004 sets out the process of integrated services for children. In order to achieve the outcomes of ‘Every Child Matters” In court the welfare of the child is the paramount consideration. ECM (Every Child Matters) 2002

Their main aims are for every child, whatever their background or circumstances, to have the support they need to: * Be healthy
* Stay safe
* Enjoy...
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