Unit 1 - an Introduction to Working with Children

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Unit 1: An introduction to working with children

In my assignment I will be looking at working with children and different types of provisions and how they support children and their families. I will also be looking legislations and how they support children and the different skills I need as a practitioner. I will describe the principles and values that underline working with children. Write about different types of professional skills that help support me when working with children. I am going to describe what study skills can support me during my training. I will explain why the practitioner should develop appropriate relationships with parents and other professionals. Finally I will be explaining why early year practitioner should listen to children’s views and value their opinions.

There are many different types of settings which provide care and education for children. A statutory provision in my local area which is Swindon is Red Oaks Primary School, which means it is provided by the government and funded by the central taxation. A different type of provision is voluntary which means it is made up of volunteers and does not make a profit as it is paid for by charities and donations. One voluntary provision is a youth centre called the platform in Swindon. Another provision is private which means it is a business that makes a profit. People will pay for their children to attend a private provision. An example of a private provision in my local area is Little Stars Nursery.

Red Oaks Primary School helps support children and families by providing a free safe environment for parents to leave their children. The government funds this school to provide education to children. It also helps parents as they may not be able to afford sending their children to private school and also by giving them time to relax or to do any jobs they need doing. They have many resources for the hearing impaired. They have a hearing support team which provides support for families across Swindon. They have hearing aids for children and young people or cochlear implants to support children with hearing loss and help parents so they can support their child more. They have after school clubs for children to go to, so parents who work long hours have more time to go collect their child. Also children will be able to socialise with other children who are doing the same club and learn about new things. Parents who have to go to work early in the morning and might not have time to make their child breakfast can take them to breakfast club where they can have a big healthy breakfast. Children will then be getting everything they need to start the day will have more energy and be more awake during school hours so they learn more.

The youth centre provided a place for underprivileged children to socialise with other children and to gain communication skills it also helps their families by letting the parents know that the children have a safe environment to go and develop skills like dancing, performing, and listen to music. It gives the children a chance to do activities that they may not be able to do at home. The youth centre also support children by giving them a place to relaxing and do homework or some revision. It supports parents by giving their children a safe place to go and allows parents to relax at home knowing their child is safe. This youth centre is local so it should be easy to get to.

Little stars nursery has children from the ages of 3 months to 5 years of age. They support children by giving them a chance to learn and socialise with other children from a young age. It helps support the parents and young parents by giving them someone to look after their child/children whilst they go to work or go to college. They are private so they will be able to afford good quality equipment and toys that will help the children develop the best they can.

There are many legislations that support the rights of the child. Some of...
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