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Unit 1

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Unit One

E1 –
Statutory is a service that must be provided to the community and is funded by the government, and has to be available by law. Voluntary:
Voluntary is a service that people chose to run, most and sometimes all of the funding is provided by donations. Private:
Private is a place that is run and funded by the owner of the company but the clients have to pay for their services. Examples:
In my communities there are the different sectors, for my statutory I have got a high school, this high school is for ages 11-16, and it offers high education. For voluntary I have a Centre of Change Project, this is a project for people aged between 10-25, it provides high levels of support, tutoring and emotional and social support. For my private sector I have chosen counseling. This provides physiological, emotional social and any other support needed and has no age limits. E2 –

The different sectors I have chosen support parents and families in different ways. My statutory sector supports families, like many high schools do β€œto work in partnership with parents/carers. Helping you to help your child learn and enjoy their education, by providing support, information and guidance.” The voluntary service I have chosen supports families and children by counseling, mentoring and tutoring and also parental support by helping them have a better understanding of their child including workshops like football, cheerleading, boxing and so on. The private service I have chosen offers counseling services to the members of the public for a chargeable fee. The services include dealing with bereavement, child abuse, work and relationship related sexuality concerns, anger management and many others. The service that she offers gives clients the opportunity to resolve their issues and to become more family orientated and better members within their community. The services are in relation with BACP...

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