Unit 066

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027 Outcome 1
Describe some of the factors you need to consider when planning the indoor and outdoor environment; such as meeting individual needs, any specific risks to individuals, what you aim for children to achieve from exploring the environment, staffing etc.

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration whilst planning indoor and outdoor environments. Indoor environments need to ensure that they cover individual needs such as someone in a wheelchair will need room to move their wheelchair around the room so that they can use the same resources as a child not in a wheelchair, the indoor environment will need age suitable resources if it is a setting that is for 4-11 year olds there would not be 12 rated DVD’s and if it was a setting for 0-3 year olds then there would not be small resources laying around as they are choking hazards. The displays will have to be appropriate and safe no sharp objects should be left on display, The resources, displays and activities indoors will have to ensure that they are non discriminatory ensuring that anyone can be involved and that they displays are not just swayed towards one culture. The outdoors environment will also need to be planned carefully and safely but still allowing children to take risks so they can risk assess themselves, the outdoors area will also need to meet individual needs ramps will need to be installed for people in wheelchairs and young babies in prams. The equipment will have to be age appropriate and be able to be adjusted for children that have special needs. The outdoor area and indoor area both need to be planned to ensure that the children do not get bored they must easily be changed to ensure the children and young people stay stimulated but ensuring that they are safe and that the adults within the setting can see the children at all times and keep them safe.

How is health and safety monitored and maintained in your setting? How are staff, children and visitors made aware of risks and hazards and encouraged to work safely? I.e. risk assessments, golden rules and visual signs.

Health and safety is monitored and maintained in the setting in which I work by a health and safety checklist this covers all aspects of safety and cleanliness including inside and outside, kitchen, toilets and fire safety this checklist is done daily. Risk assessments are done every six months these cover all the areas in which risks can occur such as the kitchen area, outdoor play area, school pick ups etc. We have a fire folder this is where we keep record of our fire drills that we practice every three months. There is a kitchen folder, which is where we keep records of our kitchen checks such as the temperature charts of the fridges and freezers. We have rules in the club, which all children are aware of, and each child has opportunities to create rules that they feel need to be in place if there is an issue that arises during a session at club then a circle time is arranged to ensure all children are aware of what has happened and the consequences and what can be done to avoid this happening again. Staffs are made aware of the risks and hazards and are encouraged to work safely as they are shown and talked through all aspects of safety checks before they start and get regular practice at doing them. The children are made aware as we involve them as much as we can in the safety of the club for example doing regular fire drills with them allowing them to risk assess themselves. Visitors are made aware by having a chance to look through our risk assessments and health and safety checklists, as they are stored on the main desk in folders. Everyone is encouraged to work safely along side each other by following the rules and ensuring policies and procedures are up to date.

What sources of information is available for planning healthy and safe environments? I.e. Every Child Matters, EYFS

The sources of information that are available for planning...
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