Unit 052

Topics: Children Act 1989, The Child, Child Pages: 5 (1865 words) Published: October 8, 2012
Unit 052: Engage in Personal Development in Children’s and Young Peoples settings

Outcome 1: understand what is required for competence in own work role 052.1.1
My duties and responsibilities within my work role is to establish good working relationships with children and parents and to support all staff and engage in a good staff team ensuring communication in paramount. To prepare and supervise suitable activities to help create and develop a stimulating environment in which children are encouraged to socialise and develop to their full potential. Care for the well-being of children including keeping their noses and faces clean, toileting and administering first aid. I ensure that all children are offered inclusive practise and treated fairly and equally. I help to create displays of the children’s work which are presentable and changed regularly. I assist in organisation of activities outside the nursery including social functions for parents and children fund raising. 052.1.2

In my work role it is expected for me to work alongside parents and children to gain a good working relationship with both parents and children. I make sure that the children’s welfare is paramount and all children are given priority and their own rights. The children act 1989 aim to simplify the laws that protect children and young people in the respective UK countries. They were seen as a serious shake up of children’s rights and protection and made it clear to all who worked with children what their duties were and how they should work together in the event of allegations of child abuse. In our policies and procedures for child abuse it says that we must write down in the incident book about any unexplained bruising and any other signs of child abuse this is logged and manager is aware of the situation if there is further concern then the manager will phone the social services and have the situation resolved. My nursery feels very strongly about following the relevant standards and we are always reminded about the standard that we are expected of and if there are points to be made about our work or something that needs to be changed within the nursery setting it will be made aware of and discussed in our team and staff meetings. Outcome 2: Be able to reflect on practise

Reflective practice is very important because we need to make sure that are learning journeys, the way we interact with the children throughout the day and the general day-to-day routine is up to Ofsted and HQS standards if we feel that we do not meet their standards then we will reflect on it in our staff and team meetings this will help us improve for the future. If we are always aware of the expected standards then we can continuously achieve and aim higher for our nursery setting. It is very important for us to reflect on our work so that we can make sure we are doing all our duties and responsibilities that is in our work role. Children and their families will arrive with different needs, expectations and interests. Staff to will be developing as they update their knowledge and skills. This means that effective settings rarely do the same thing year in and year out. They talk to parents, other service users and colleagues and focus their energies on improving how they are working. The process of reflective practise both for individual staff members and the setting, is essential in this. Practitioners must think about which areas, whether they are linked to routine, curricula or policies, are working well and which ones need tweaking or even overhauling. In addition, the national standards and frameworks may also change and this in turn will impact on how a setting should be run. 052.2.3

I believe that children over the age of 30 months should not sleep during the day. This is what I believe in but it can be contradicting to say its best for them because this may not always be the case it might be that the child has stuff going on at home that is...
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