Unit 024

Topics: Child time-out, The Child, Childhood Pages: 9 (3971 words) Published: March 14, 2013
Unit 024- Promote child and young person’s development
1.1. When assessing development some factors need to be taken into account one of these is confidentiality, this means that you will need permission from a child’s parents/carers before doing observations, also when information is wrote down about a child is important that it is kept in a safe place were only the relevant people can access it. Also making sure that information about a child is only shared with parents/carers or colleagues and professionals that have the right to know. Another factor to take into account is a child’s wishes and feelings, this means to take into account the child’s wishes when doing an observation or assessment. The child may not want to be assessed at that moment in time it is important that the child feels happy with been observed. Also think about how you write about a child make sure it is respectful towards the child. Also when assessing development Ethnic, linguistic and cultural background needs to be taken into account as a child’s behaviour, development and skills can sometimes depend on their culture, ethnic and linguistic background. A child’s linguistic background is very important as the child may not understand what the task is as the words used are unfamiliar to that child. When assessing a child it is also important to take into account their ability and if they have any specific requirements, Some children may have a disability like dyslexia or may have a physical disability like need a wheel chair, this should be taken into account as a child may need extra time to achieve their goals or may need a one to one with a practitioner in order for their development to progress. Another important thing to take into account when assessing a child is the information you have and making sure it is reliable. This is very important because if information is incorrect it can harm a child’s development. Also avoiding being bias is important if a child’s development is to be assessed properly, as two people may assess the same child but one practitioner may think something is more important were another may think different, it can also be if a practitioner has a strong relationship with a child this can also affect the way they assess the child. By choosing to do a mixed use of methods this can also be a way to avoid been bias. It is a good idea to use a rage of methods and take into account the thoughts of the parents and other colleagues. 1.3. There are a selection of assessment methods used and it is important that we can justify the method we used and understand the limitation of the method used. It is important we know how we came to the conclusion about a child and can explain the method and why we used it. Narrative description and written record (Free description) - For: We can record and assess children without them been aware. Also this method is flexible and allows the observer to carry out frequent observations. Against: may be difficult to observe everything the child dies or says, also it can men that it is easy for observer to be bias. Checklist and tick charts- For: Observe can focus on development skills and can be less bias. Against: may not record child’s attitude towards the activity and how they socialise. Child may know they are been observed so may change performance. Time sample- For: We can see what a child is doing over a period of time and can pick as many areas of developments, attitudes, and friendship’s. Against: Can allow the observer to be bias and also significant behaviours may fall out of the sample time. Event sample- For: We are focusing on one type of development. Against: these type of observations my not explain why the child is showing this type of behaviour. Target child- For: This helps us to gain an overall picture of what the child is doing. Against: When observing the child at this time they may not be showing their usual behaviour. Standardised tests- For: The...
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