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Lesson Plan

Class: 2 (Grade 8)
Number of students: 45
Suitability: different
Duration: 80 minutes
Material: French (Learning Area: English)
Theme: vocabulary acquisition

General objectives

• Encourage learners to increase their knowledge and practices of current French oral and written. • To improve the language they use in real communication situations. • Let them discover and master the vocabulary items of the French language. • Encourage learners to learn and use French with confidence. • Make them think in general.

• The move to expand the powers of observation and critical thinking.

Specific objectives

At the end of the lesson, students should:
• to identify the items of vocabulary and identify with illustrations • to identify the items of vocabulary and use them in short phrases • develop an interest in vocabulary acquisition

Pre acquired

Learners will have a notion of vocabulary, knowledge of words they encountered in texts. Strategies

Inductive approach, group work.

Teaching materials

Questionnaire for the assessment


Real objects


First step
A brief introduction is to ask learners on vocabulary in general to determine their understanding of the term in question. Then developed oral vocabulary term will take place.


The purpose of this lesson will be explained as well as the progress of the class. The class will be divided into 9 groups of 5.

Third step

Students will be asked to read a list of words in the French language on the projector. Then each group of students will be asked to reflect on the meaning of these words and share their opinions among students in their group.

Fourth step

The nine groups of students will be asked to make a classification of items they know and those they do not know.

Fifth step

The same real objects will be shared with each group of students and at the same time...
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